Remote CART Services San Diego

A Remote CART provider can translate the spoken word into text in real-time from a remote location.

Remote CART is a service in which we deliver communication access anywhere the recipient has Internet and telephone connections. The audio feed* lets the captioner hear the meeting taking place. The spoken word is then transcribed into English and sent to the consumer(s) for viewing, within seconds of the words being spoken. For larger groups, the receiving computer can be connected to an LCD projector.  We can obtain an audio feed in two methods – one via Skype and the other via speaker phone.

*Note: For optimum results in remote captioning, the audio feed to captioner must be of excellent quality.

CART Services in San Diego delivery via:

  • Laptop/desktop monitors
  • LCD projector with large overhead screen
  • Modem/Internet
  • Digital display
  • Webcasting